To transfer your domain to, you need to get your AuthInfo code from your current registrar and enter it in the field "AuthInfo Code", which you can find in the control panel -> "Domains" -> "Add". Transfer may take up to 5 days to be completed. After trasferring your domain to you will be paying for renewal in accordance to our price list. The registration period of the domain remains, this means that if you have the expiration date in December, than you have to renew it in December, you do not have to pay for the renewal after transferring the domain.

Transfer itself is free of charge, but to transfer a domain you have to pay for the renewal of the domain for one more year (according to the price list) which is made automatically during the transfer process.


Domain .com

15.90 USD

Domain .biz

23.90 USD

Domain .net

20.90 USD

Domain .org

19.90 USD

Domain .info

27.90 USD

Domain .nl

8.90 USD

German domain .de

does not apply

English domains (, .uk)

does not apply

Italian domains .it

9.90 USD

Domain .tv

46.90 USD

Domain .xyz

16.90 USD

Domain .us

10.90 USD

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